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Established in 1988, Garrett Leather is the leading supplier of premium Italian upholstery leather. Interior designers worldwide specify Garrett’s products for corporate, hospitality and residential interiors, corporate and private aircraft, yachts, motor coaches, automotive restoration and for fine furniture. Over 600 colors of superior quality leather and award-winning specialty products are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Garrett’s exclusive FiberDye® is the dyeing process that results in true color permanence. FiberDye® penetrates all layers of the hide, producing deep, vibrant, durable colors. Look for Fiberdye® when specifying or purchasing quality leather.

Each step in the process is one portion of an ancient recipe for producing the best “full grain” hides in distressed, hand buffed, nubuck, waxed or pebbled grain finishes.

Steerhide options include categories of specialty, stenciled or natural, finishes. Half hide or full hides depending on finish. Torino Pandora White, the number one seller in the “hair on hide” collection.

Our Garrett Wovens® and Tubular Wovens® are classic standouts representing a sophisticated palette of color, texture, pattern and scale. Thirty one distinct patterns are created through a weave of leather, leather with cotton cord or fine copper strands. Each of the Garrett Wovens® have burnished edges giving you a richer more distinct appearance. Wovens® can be used in combination with all Garrett Leather products including braided welt.

Garrett Tubular Wovens® are meticulously braided with no unsightly seams. Each designed to slide over any tubular fixture for an elegant finish. Suggested applications are railings, curtain rods, door handles and torch lamps.

All Garrett Wovens® are Greenguard certified.

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