Concertex Walls


Environmentally friendly, decorative wall surface materials featuring a wide selection of textiles, faux leathers, natural and beaded wallcoverings. Excellent durability and stain resistance.

Innovative Technologies from an Industry Leader


EcoSkin: 100% Polyurethane Wallcovering

  • Graffiti-free, most stains wipe clean with towel
  • 54″ width, Class A fire rated
  • Free of formaldehyde and heavy metals
  • Type II performance properties
  • Easily disinfected with 10-1 bleach solution
  • Ideal for corporate, healthcare, institutional and food service environments

Renaissance: Green PVC Wallcovering, without all the chemicals

  • Free of  heavy metals, formaldehydes and phthalates
  • Unique materials made for a healthy indoor environment
  • Strie, block, small and larger scale geometrics, linens, embossings with metallic tips
  • All Type II, 54″ width
  • Woodgrains chosen to include the latest color and grain trends, digitally printed
  • Meets the stringent CHPS 01350 spec
  • Ideal for all interior spaces, especially those seeking LEED credits


Specialty Wallcoverings:

Impress Art

  • Handcrafted surfaces made with natural materials
  • Unique variations in color and texture exhibiting the feeling of the outdoors
  • Nature-friendly construction, free of formaldehyde and heavy metals
  • 37″ width, Class A rated


Micro-bead designs

  • Innovative lightweight glass bead wallcoverings + upholstery materials direct from source
  • Easier on the budget than the earlier designs
  • Free of PVC, formaldehydes and heavy metals
  • Industry leader in design choices
  • Cleaner installations with smaller diameter micro glass beads
  • 54″ width, Class A rated


Textile Wallcovering:

Elfin Polyolefin and Polyolefin Blends

  • Exceeds type II wallcovering performance properties, 54″ width
  • Superior wear resistance over most vinyls
  • Exceeds 200,000 double rubs (for contract upholstery applications)
  • Suitable for heavy duty contract use
  • Ideal to wrap acoustic, fabric panels
  • Fits in panel track systems
  • Value pricing
  • Ideal for corporate, healthcare, institutional and tenant finishes



  • 100% polyester
  • 54″ width, Class A
  • Nature-friendly construction, free of formaldehydes, heavy metals
  • Made for wall applications and wrapped panels
  • Suitable for heavy contract use, high performance
  • Stain resistant, water-based cleaners
  • Meets stringent California 01350 emission standards



  • 100% cellulose-based patterns – natural, breathable, organic
  • Meets California 01350 code for VOC emissions
  • Nature-friendly wallcovering, biodegradable
  • Normal, regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment
  • Made for residential and commercial applications
  • Numerous raffia weaves to choose from
  • Liquid-repellant finish

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